Introducing our all new Dutching Calculator

Use our Dutching Calculator
to manipulate your odds.

Dutching Calculator

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What is Dutching?

Dutching, is sharing the risk of losing across a number of selections in an event or race.

Our calculator takes care of the hard-work for you, simply type in your odds to instantly see the calculated results.

Essentially... the calculator would determine how much stake is required for each selection in an event to ensure an equal profit if any of the selections win.


  • Unlimited selections/rows.
  • Full Optimization.
  • Full Importing via Copy & Paste.
  • Control outcomes via desired Profit, Return or Stake.
  • Increase returns for individual selections.
  • Balance all calculations to a fixed amount.
  • Compare results with Tabs.
  • Support for Fractional, Decimal & American prices.
  • Automated calculations with real-time accuracy.